Since 1995, CII has operated a comprehensive program to benchmark capital project performance. CII’s newest initiative, the 10-10 Program, builds on this legacy by providing the industry with a benchmarked set of leading indicators for all project types. Together with CII’s existing Performance Assessment System (PAS), the 10-10 Program places CII at the forefront of the industry concerning the assessment of project performance.

The 10-10 Program is based on the concept of anonymously surveying members of a project’s management team regarding their project’s performance, team dynamics, and organizational relationships. Since 10-10 surveys by phase using simple statement-based questions, leading indicators are obtained throughout a project’s development that can warn Senior Management of impending problems. This diagnostic capability aids the development of corrective action plans and implementation of CII research and tools. Outcome measures provide certainty that the project is proceeding on target.

an graphical overview of the 10-10 Process

How can my company participate?

CII member companies are asked to submit 10 projects by April 2014. Project management team members should complete a questionnaire near the completion of each phase. Completed questionnaires should be submitted electronically. Specific questions about CII or its 10-10 Program should be directed to Bob Ritter via e-mail (bob.ritter@cii.utexas.edu) or by phone at (512) 232-3008.