The 10-10 Program is a breakthrough in the benchmarking of project performance. Unlike any other benchmarking program in the industry, CII research concluded that modern benchmarking (i.e., CII’s 10-10 Program) needed to be based on the concept of anonymously surveying members of a project’s management team regarding their project’s performance, team dynamics, and organizational relationships.

10-10 surveys by phase (instead of at closeout) using simple statement-based questions. 10 leading indicators (i.e., input measures) are obtained throughout a project’s development that can warn senior management of impending problems. This diagnostic capability aids the development of corrective action plans and the implementation of CII resources. 10 outcome measures (i.e., lagging indicators) provide certainty that the project is proceeding on target. Together, these measures are the basis of the program’s name: 10-10.