10-10 Explained

CII’s Performance Assessment Committee (PAC) has observed a disconnect between the valuable, but detailed, CII Performance Assessment Program metrics and Senior Managements’ needs around higher-level output and input metrics. Consequently, in 2012, the PAC and CII Staff began development of the 10-10 Program as a companion to CII’s legacy Benchmarking Program and Performance Assessment System.

  • There are three different sets of questionnaires for Industrial, Infrastructure, and Building projects.
  • Each set consists of five phase level questionnaires: Front End Planning, Procurement, Engineering, Construction, and Startup.

The objective and subjective questions contain in each questionnaire combine to create 10 input measures and 10 output measures. Poor performance in any of the input measures (i.e., leading indicators) has proven to result in decreased project performance as gauged by the output measures (i.e., lagging indicators)

a graphical overview of the 10-10 Metrics